Alex Owens (born January 23rd, 1997) is a singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and producer. He was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Dallas. Alex was the second born out of 4. His mother, a Dallas native, was an English Teacher as well as a multi instrumentalist and his Father (San Jose, Costa Rica) was a singer-songwriter as well as a guitarist. Songwriting runs in their family dating as far back as 1853 when José María Zeledón Brenes (Alex’s Great Great Uncle) had written the lyrics to The National Anthem of Costa Rica. 
Alex began teaching himself how to produce and record his own songs as soon as he’d learned his first song on guitar. Growing up, he’d always arranged his bedroom to be a a recording studio and at one point gotten rid of his bed just to have more room! 

In 2017 Alex released his first EP Count to Three! under the moniker Beneath the Waves through the independent record label We Are Triumphant and went on his first national tour with Hopeless Records band, Oh, Weatherly. He then followed up with one more single named Orchid in 2018 before they decided to part ways. 

April 12th 2019, “To The Moon And Back” was released independently after he dropped the moniker Beneath the Waves and decided to take a more personal approach. 

Currently residing everywhere and nowhere in his 2010 Corolla, he will without hesitation, travel the world to perform for those willing to hear his voice. 

© 2019| ALEX OWENS